Easy Week

This week has been rather easy. I have enjoyed my four classes, volunteering at Alliance Community Hospital, and working at the university library. I have also been working on getting all of the books that I need for my classes. The only three books that I am missing are “Woe is I”, “McGraw-Hill Desk Reference”, and a book I had from my Research and Statistics class in my sophomore year. I have the Research and Statistics book at home, so I will get it Friday. This semester is going smoothly; I am only behind on a bit of reading, but that is not entirely my fault. Some of my books have not been available until Wednesday, so my professors have been forgiving. I am, however, ahead in preparing my resumé, curriculum vitae, personal statement, and cover letter. I have even been working on my newspaper article about ADHD that I will submit to some newspaper. I will speak with my adviser more about that later. For now, I have been working on learning more about Mary Kay, which is a great cosmetics company. I was listening to the Spanish version of the compact disc about Mary Kay today. I actually understood a lot of what the ladies were saying. I took Spanish for five years before coming to college, but my skills in speaking and writing in Spanish are terrible. I can understand it when people speak to me in it, though, somewhat. My greatest skill in Spanish is to conjugate Spanish verbs, such as “hablar”, which means “to talk.” To say, “I speak Spanish”, I would say, “Hablo espanol.” I could bore you with all sorts of grammar things, but I know you are too busy. I am also a grammar nerd in English, which is why I have been interested in English since I was in middle school. I also love to write, hence why I blog. I also know that my audience is full of college students who are busy; thus, I will try to keep my entries short, sweet, and to the point.

Xara Nahara O’Connor


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I am a graduate of the University of Mount Union. I work for myself as a housekeeper. My company is named Nicole's Superb Cleaning Services LLC. I was a psychology major and am hoping to cause pain and suffering to Peter W. Parker, the bane of my existence. I am still interested in English and theatre. Writing stories that defy the English language and troll Peter W. Parker is my passion. I used to draw comics, but I had a comic artist block, so now I troll Peter W. Parker with my stories. I also love animals. When I am not working hard on whatever project I happen to have my hands on, I am at home playing with my animals. I live with two cats named Garfield and Kissy. I also love to listen to all kinds of music, such as The Birthday Massacre, Emilie Autumn, The Cruxshadows, The Cranberries, Celldweller, Emperor, R.E.M., Future Funk Squad, Symphony X, Einherjer, Borknagar, and Nightwish. And I'm married. But don't tell the government. They suck the fun out of it.

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