Very Inspiring Blog Award Nominee

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The Rules:

Display the award and thank your nominator. Then answer these questions: What are your top 5 bloggers and why? What type of posts do you like to read (I know most of us like a good 5-10 types LOL) Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog? Then just introduce yourself however you wish to and nominate 3-5 people. Keeping it real low maintenance. Remember to highlight people and your nominator and after your post is complete, copy the link and add it to a post of theirs.

Yes, I thank Paul from Palfitness for nominating me for this award and again for nominating me for the Liebster Award. He is a kind man who lifts my spirits and inspires me. We all know I am going to nominate HIM for this award as well. Come on now.  

Anyhow, my top five bloggers are: 

1. Paul from Palfitness because he inspires me to write great award and great things and because he is a great writer himself. 

2. Kally because she reminds me of how the professional world works and writes positive ways to endure it, oh, and because she is cute (but that is merely secondary to her brain power). 

3. Robert Goldstein because I just get lost in his detailed dissertations about D.I.D and Narcissist Personality Disorder, my two favorite mental disorders to research. He highlights a dichotomy that I daresay find most intriguing. I also connect very, very personally to his blogs.

4. Lady With A Blog because her blogs are frankly freaking hilarious and because her topics are relevant to every woman on this earth. 

and…. ::drum roll::

5. Nadine because she is an awesome poet who writes about celebrating the new year and freedom. She is a sweetheart.

Anywho, I like to read anything, honestly. If the title catches my eye, I’m reading that entry. I read more than I post. Really. And MAN DO I COMMENT!

No, I’m not changing my blog. I write what I want to when I want to. It’s my blog, and I can blog if I want to, BLOG IF I WANT TOOOOOOO!!! If you don’t like my blog, then you can tell me (hopefully with good criticism) and gtfo (if you really hate it that much).

My introduction is at the bottom of every entry. It’s my “About Me” post. Do I need to copy and paste “My Own Little World” (my first blog post ever!!!)? By the way, it was inspired by the song “Own Little World” by Celldweller. Industrial music is the shit.

My Nominations are, and there are only three because I want to keep this special.

1. Paul from Palfitness 

2. Robert Goldstein

3. Kally

Thank God that was low maintenance. Even then, still took me thirty minutes to nominate everyone. The choices were difficult, but I did what I had to do. I love everybody.

Xara Nahara O’Connor

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I am a graduate of the University of Mount Union. I work for myself as a housekeeper. My company is named Nicole's Superb Cleaning Services LLC. I was a psychology major and am hoping to cause pain and suffering to Peter W. Parker, the bane of my existence because reasons. I am still interested in English and theatre. Writing stories that defy the English language and troll Peter W. Parker is my passion. I used to draw comics, but I had a comic artist block, so now I troll Peter W. Parker with my stories. I also love animals. When I am not working hard on whatever project I happen to have my hands on, I am at home playing with my animals. I live with two cats named Princess Kissy and Princess Oreo. I also love to listen to all kinds of music, such as The Birthday Massacre, Emilie Autumn, The Cruxshadows, The Cranberries, Celldweller, Emperor, R.E.M., Future Funk Squad, Symphony X, Einherjer, Borknagar, and Nightwish. And I'm married to King Joebear. But don't tell the government. They suck the fun out of it.

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34 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award Nominee”

      1. i am glad that you are following. I asked earlier or yesterday, I am in a daze. You needed to use html to put the award in a post? In the editor it drags right in or you go to your media section and add it there. I also mentioned a sidebar if you knew if you had one or not. If you have trouble let me know. I do have to write and go through my followers. But stopping here and there would be good:)

      2. No, no. I use HTML to do the lists in a certain way. My computer starts shit with me, even if it is new. It likes my fiancé more. He wins every argument with computers. NOT ME. And for the pictures, those are easy. I just use the “Add picture” feature. And I haven’t even played with the sidebar, but I should. I haven’t formatted this blog in… like four years. I’ve literally been working my ass off since July 2011, and of course, I trolled Facebook so much in 2012, 2013, and 2014 that the world remembers me.

      3. The only way I get attention on FB is tagging people and jumping in their thread. Otherwise I was used to getting tons of hits for running and horses every year and realized in May I had not received a comment or like for anything I wrote as it was from WP and I get a couple once in a while but I was told to cut n paste them back in. With the html, this morning with my post regarding the snow I centered it and never tried a Haiku from the middle and it published right but all the stanzas were on top of each other and I edited and the same, so I added the dots, which I think looked better. Getting 20 plus hits on that 4 hours ago is pretty good and my posting an re blogging has been slow. I am just about to do your post and then I have an idea but I am not sure what form I will do it in and can’t find pics or videos for it. But it will get done right after yours does.:)

      4. FB changed algorithms and most ppl only pay attention if they are getting tagged or you or they have a few connections. Trolling, I typically was just known as P, even if I changed my persona there were trolls that worked for cl that would ghost you and declare them the winner of a fight he controlled as they controlled the board, a few of us got a couple of them fired about 8 years ago and one idiot jailed

      1. Oddly enough I am surprised when I get an award. I was surprised the first time I wrote an acrostic and had a known author tell me I should do more as it was excellent. So, I have built a nice library of the two forms and added a Limerick category.

      2. Me, too, brother. And yes, your acrostics KICK ASS. And I am sure your Limericks are excellent, too. You are so spot-on with the quotation challenges.

      3. Well before you were following me I did a Robin Williams, George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield one it was hilarious. I did a couple of other other raunchy ones and I see a lot of ppl look for memes. It is not hard to get real quotes. Finding the right people and hoping to find a quote you know but not 100%, I want to make sure:)

      4. Well the people that have nominated have very spiritual sites and I have had some that were similar get upset at a curse and even though I warn this is Adult themed I lost 30 people in a week and 5 I had since my second week

      1. Well I understand that there are several people here that are over religious and do not talk of certain things. Many ppl get emails everytime someone you follow writes a post. For many here that means they get thousands and if they get an adult one they get upset. I don’t know why I do not get emails for a post being written but I have had ppl respond in a few seconds of posting while I am doing a quick edit and putting tags and categories.

      2. Yes they are, I routinely let ppl know when I am going to be less me than they think and apologize in advance yet disgusted looks you can get from friends sucks

      3. Well I agree except for one. When she disappeared which I have had ppl gone and I notice it says I am not following someone I go back as it happens on my end. I ask, I have been told oh your ADULT content upset me. Women talk about anything and I have a few male authors say similar and they have 1000s of followers and they do not care and say to keep it up as it is unique and when conventional it is at worst real. But women talk of BDSM and more. I wrote from a woman’s perspective and had a few women say wow and keep doing it. I like to keep things fresh on any subject and try not to force it. I am way behind again and have to add some posts and have ppl I will reblog. But I am being more careful and adding things.:)

      4. Well it is about being entertaining and it should be anything goes. I had someone say to make a second blog using a female name and said no. I think being excited and feeling alive should be fine for and from anyone. I, however am not into anything degrading. So I can be cute with a degrading pic but never serious. But embracing, any acts which way back were said to be not natural have been for 100s of years and now are only just being a norm. Making someone feel good physically, emotionally and any other way is OK and if someone is given an opportunity to choose to pick it up and do and get upset, it is on them I guess. Not like I would go into a grade room school and post adult pics. That would be way way wrong and I would deserve anything that came my way. I hate to say this in light of your status, but you saying that is very liberating and healthy. My exes were not prudent, far from it. It is natural to be explorative and try to feel good. I have had questions when I write something suggestive or similar, so I know it is more the norm and there are so many female erotica writers these days. It is a positive thing as there is still a double standard to many degree but as far as being able to verbalize it and be able are good things. If I dated a woman who wrote about a good game but she did not I would be surprised.

      5. I think giving it to ppl in your comfort zone is a good place to start. Either you are full on, loved it or tmi or suggestive and loved it or not enough otherwise or you offend ppl

      6. Yea I am probably going to save drafts and then ask ppl here if they would like me to paste and send it. i am also going to do some collaborative work with a blogger here.

  1. hank you for your comments and for your support of my blog. I love the fact that you leave comments and speak your mind. I promise that as soon as I’m fully recovered from the super-flu I will work on the award…

  2. Xara, that is great that you follow through on your nominations. I must admit I have been nominated twice (maybe 3 times) but it seemed overwhelming to me to answer the questions & nominate others. I guess it’s because ever since my book came out, there is not even hours in the day! Now that I had to let my publicists go, it’s even worse.
    I wish you all the best that life has to offer! 😉 ❤
    Peace, love & great blogging to all,
    Sherrie Miranda's historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

    1. Thank you, and trust me, writing a book is much more important than awards. Your awards will come in due time, especially since you will be a published author soon. Me? Not even close. My motivation to write anything other than poetry anthology is non-existent. I wish I could hunker down and write a novel, buuuut I don’t have that sort of attention span yet. I’d have to talk to God about that one.

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