Health Passports, Economic Coercion, and the Number of a Man

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The Inkless Pen

Revelation tells us that the Antichrist will use a mark for economic reasons” Elder Athanasios (Mitilinaios).

I have long asserted, based on my reading of various saints and elders, that the whole current c-19 “crisis” is being used to advance underlying sinister agendas.

At current, riding on the fear-mongering of the media and various government and non-government powers, we are witnessing the serious proposal of “c-19 passports.” Of course, just more measures to keep everyone “safe.”

In basic, such passports propose to give a person a “green” clearance if they receive the c-19 vaxxination or, for now, test negative for c-19. The long term implications are multifaceted and numerous. I believe the ability to simply test would be soon removed and the stipulation would be reduced to – get the injection.

Here is an interesting video in which a Mrs. Wolf, CEO of Daily Cloud, gives a “tech” explanation

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I am a graduate of the University of Mount Union. I work for myself as a housekeeper. My company is named Nicole's Superb Cleaning Services LLC. I was a psychology major and am hoping to cause pain and suffering to Peter W. Parker, the bane of my existence because reasons. I am still interested in English and theatre. Writing stories that defy the English language and troll Peter W. Parker is my passion. I used to draw comics, but I had a comic artist block, so now I troll Peter W. Parker with my stories. I also love animals. I also love to listen to all kinds of music, such as The Birthday Massacre, Emilie Autumn, The Cruxshadows, The Cranberries, Celldweller, Emperor, R.E.M., Future Funk Squad, Symphony X, Einherjer, Borknagar, and Nightwish. And I'm married to King Joebear. But don't tell the government. They suck the fun out of it.

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